Bagimu, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur ,once, was not an option for me to do travelling . I just don’t feel it to go there. Been back and forth to Singapore, but I always skip KL.

And one day, I got cheap ticket from my fave travel site . Traveloka . Cost me 300k by Lion Air . From CGK to KUL . I mean , for that price , just buy it already. And I decided to do night train from KL to Singapore and back to Jakarta.

I booked at Backhome Hostel . –It was the best hostel so far , for me . Great location. near MRT Mesjid Jamek . Everything is easy . To chinatown , petaling street , pasar seni dll . Why I don’t choose Bukit Bintang area ? I don’t like crowded. Oh, no . too much people busy shopping this and that. (and I bet plenty Indonesian too..) . I give them 4 out 5 . Good people and friendly . Comfy bed , and next door coffee place just perfect .

I landed in KLIA 2 . I approached a student from Indonesia whom sat behind me, and I asked how to get to Sentral Station from KLIA 2 . She and her friend kindly ask me to go with her . hahahaha.  Yeah. The “malu bertanya sesat di jalan” thingy.

You got to be brave and ask along :) . Don’t forget a smile . not freakish smile. but light smile is enough.

The imigration was too long . Everybody being asked , and had to scan their fingers. I thought ..Seriously, even I went to Europe not to do that kinda thing. oh well . Maybe their custom. And then me , the guy check my passport , stamp it and smile ” Welcome to Kuala Lumpur” . That’s it . It’s like 10 second. not asking , not to do finger scan. oh wow. Even a lady infront of me asked “how come you get so easy” . Don’t know.

She said , well, most of them are worker in Malaysia.

From KLIA2 we went buy bus , cost 10 RM to Sentral Station. From there, I said goodbyes to two nice girls and hopefully we met again in the future.

The hostel is only 5 minutes by walking from Mesjid Jamek station . Check in and say hi to my roomate . Her name is Steffy from Munich . We talked a lil and decided to go dinner together at Petaling Street. Yay for new friend again. That’s the beauty of hostel . We met everybody . My socializing skill with them is good. If I’m home , I got zero socializing . hahahah. dang.

It was a bit raining that night on Petaling Street . But we managed to get food (and cheap also) . I ordered char kwe teow with chicken and Steffy ordered chicken curry with rice from a chinese stall .




Gue mau cerita lucu, sengaja pake bhs, takutnya nanti ada yang ngira rasis lagi…

Steffy : “Tiara, kamu ngerasa aneh nggak yang jual nasi kari ayam itu orang Cina, padahal next stall itu orang India ?”

Gue : “HO OH” ..”where is the pride of it ya Steff”

Steffy : “I know. tapi …ini enak kok….berarti orang Cina nya udah kursus masak sama si India”

Gue : manggut2 Invasi atau Inovasi ya Steff ?

Steffy : “manggut2*

Selama itu makanan enak , teleeeeen ajeeeeee.

So, after that, because of raining , we quickly ran to our hostel .

Inside our room . we found there was a new roomate . Her name Nina , she’s from Germany too .. and just got back from Bali. We talked until late night , until the hostel staff said calm down your voices . Hahaha we realized that we talk until 2am.

Super hype meeting (new) friends !

Move to day 2 —-> next …



Oknum : Tiara , Steffy , Nina
(tentu saja kami bicara dengan bahasa Inggris …ini terjemahan gaulnya)

Nina : “Guys tau nggak , gue digigit Monyet di Bali”
N : “Iya, dan gue harus disuntik anti rabies sampai 4x”
T : “Ngapain sampai bisa digigit sih”
N : “Gue kasih makan kacang sama monyet yang paling gede..gue kira gue bisa elus tapi gue digigit”
S : “Apes banget”
N : “Apesnya bukan itu aja” …”Gue kenalan sama cowok di resto gitu, orang Oz, terus dia cerita gini..”
“eh kalau ke uluwatu hati-hati ya sama monyet , gue denger kemaren ada cewek rusia yang digigit monyet”..
“gue terkenal ya…”
S : “tapi kan elo bukan rusia, Nina”
N : “Iya, tapi seluruh orang di Bali kalau nyapa gue pasti bilang “KAMU DARI RUSIA YA !”
T&S : berpandangan terus ketawa dan kentut….

Moral of the story : Monyet di Bali itu gahar sodara-sodara!




oh not again .

Things in my mind ( I mean my brain ) works only when I got the mood to write. I still have debt on my Europe Trip two months ago . And (still) not completed. Yet, I want to share about my Kuala Lumpur-Singapore trip that I did just 2 weeks ago.

Ah well …

Kuala Lumpur to Singapore first. ( because it’s still fresh )

and …

the Europe Trip.


I hope :)

Wait ?!

a4856eee5948100c83b55d7c7cc86f23So ..pure laziness then.

As long there are words, there will be someone at the ready with their quill of choice to pen them.

Words have always been, and words will always be….so we write..

And I asked myself “Having a bad writing day, T?”



“oh pure laziness”

Should I ?

I should do the ‘behind-the-scene’ thingy. from all my experience . the bad, good or just for laugh stuff.

I will do it in Indonesian. sorry.

I , sometime ~everytime~ , figuring it all out as I go.





Thanks Gemma Correll for the awesome-ly cute drawings. Represent this girl.

So, happy weeeeekend everybody . I just got home from the not-so-happy-together-hang-out. Glad to know that Lindeman’s keeping me company all night , not to mention , the incredible house cat , Joey. 

I don’t mind going to a party and hang around with cool people. But tonight is just not my thing. 

And tomorrow , I got to wake up early to catch a flight to another country. woop woop. another adventure awaits. 

Keep down the drunken snow white. I’m calling a cab and got home early. Leaving my boo and friends . whatever. 

As my ipod shuffle-ing some night tunes, my twitter beep twice, and hell yeah , my fave brand new-oh-so-talented musician , say hi and followed. jumping joy…in a cab. but whatever, hopefully he will come to JJF next year. aight. 

And , gonna share what my playlist tonight , to y’ll . Oh, and btw, I haven’t pack yet .lols. 

Diggs Duke – The Pinnacle (of Class and Taste)

Diggs Duke – Forever Love is Tainted

Twinz – Eastside Lb

PellyColo – Make You Happy


Summer night , oh-too-hot …








Il doce far niente 

Turn up and go with it .

Soundtrip c inday  #dreamsounds #beatspeaker #ipad #ilovepink #spoiled

I always love Dira’s tone of voice . And as always, she’s rock any Ella’s . Eargasm . Love all her choice of song on Tribute . Happiness.