Gotan Project – Club Secreto

club secreto

The things with Gotan Project ..

I do adore them . Their music always be my medicine. I often said to my friend , “Put Gotan Project on your iPod and dance away” :)

I’m waiting for ages for them to comeback , and yes , the first remix album of Gotan Project is release . It called Club Secreto . Imagining me and my friend “the tequila on the rocks” , in the underground club listening to all the song and away.

Track Listings

1. Arrabal (Haaksman & Haaksman Hopper rmx) 5 38
2. Peligro (Lagartijeando rmx) 4 19
3. Época (DJ Muro mix) 5 11
4. La Gloria (3Fulanos feat. Magnus Mefisto MÄUSS rmx) 4 26
5. Rayuela (Daniel Haaksman rmx) 6 14
6. Santa María (del Buen Ayre) (Alex James rmx) 6 54
7. La cruz del sur (Interfearance vocal mix) 6 00
8. Panamericana (Michel Cleis remix) 9 08
9. Mi confesión (Sandrinho DJ s Aumentaosom remix) 3 06
10. La gloria (Poirier remix) 3 46
11. De hombre a hombre (Nicolas Repac rmx) 6 17
12. La del ruso (Calexico version) 7 17
13. La cruz del sur (David Walters remix) 6 09 (Bonus track digital)

this is from amazon review :

Gotan Project’s music grew out of dance music culture, their first album went from being an underground favourite on the international tastemaker DJ circuit to a word of mouth, million selling hit album that heralded the revival of Tango on the world stage. Now after 3 studio albums, a DJ mix album, a double album and an album revisited in Cumbia -they bring you their first remix album Club Secreto.

This album brings together remastered Gotan remixes and also some rare and previously unreleased material, the track listing having been supervised by Philippe Cohen Solal, aka Dj Solal, one of the three members of the group and founder of Ya Basta records.

Like a kind of musical speakeasy, Club Secreto offers plethora of exotic cocktails: Digital Cumbia de Buenos Aires (Lagartijeando), Baile Funk carioca (Sandrinho), Tropical Bass (Poirier), Tribal House (Michel Cleis), Deep Techno (Alex James), Soca from Berlin (Daniel Haaksman) Swing made in Paris (Nicolas Repac), Hip Hop from Tokyo (DJ Muro), etc … And finally ends with a “version” an acoustic remix made in Tucson Arizona by Calexico.

Enjoy the ride.

Enjoy. and dance away !







Il doce far niente 

Turn up and go with it .

Soundtrip c inday  #dreamsounds #beatspeaker #ipad #ilovepink #spoiled

I always love Dira’s tone of voice . And as always, she’s rock any Ella’s . Eargasm . Love all her choice of song on Tribute . Happiness.




My dear Janet.


I wanna dedicate tonight to one of my fave song . Flawless. Yes, mrs. Janet wherever you are , I bow to you.

Just breath in and out, and keep your eyes close and a mug of genmaicha on the side. better be raining.




ps : I’m so not done with my freetempo briefcase. I need to arrange stuff better. Sigh. 

#FreeTempo : Destination Unknown

Hold up. Welcome to the Unknown Destination. [ this is either you think about some wierd porn in Tokyo or just me looking for the right aisle in the street ] . I am entitled of the freetempo seeker. Here some of  fave tunes of the day. All inspired by your own love , Mellowbeat Seeker.


Kenichiro Nishihara – Consider My Love (feat Pismo)


Abstrakt Idea – Sensual Sunrise


Scoobie Do – Namorada do Vento 


Pinodyne – Goodnight


FloFliz – Sippin’


Verbal Jint – 소년을 위로해줘 2013 (Feat. 시온 & 한해 Of 팬텀)


Enjoy ,




[ Part One ]

It’s so f-ing hot night. No further ado , lemme introduce a bucket of ice full of deepbeat and awesome musician. All tune introduced by Mellowbeat Seeker.

Junoflo – My Poison

Soulchef – Hello 

Landon Wordswell x A June and J Beat

Think Twice and David Ryshpan

Acro Jazz Laboratories – I Been [ft Rhema Soul]

Blazo – Fresh Green 


Goodnight. Don’t let the big bad bad bad thing bite your neck.









Just because ,



#np Nothing Better – Brown Eyed Soul

oh and this is another version too


ps : yeah , super excited if Jeong Yeop did that to me .. lols . oh mind the fangirling . Live music is always the best. They boo~ed at you if you suck , and praise like hell when you …turn piece of paper to rose like that …

#np I miss you – Kim Bum Soo

(you can start from : 5:33)

oh and this is another version of it ..


Happy Weekend my dear.



Darley’s Masterclass

Oh , hello , hello , hello, hello !

(mind my quadruple hellos)  ~ you will realize, why ..

Stumble upon this super-outoftheseworld-music-goodness. 

Check out (the introduction) sneak peak of his album

MasterClass & Darley – Darley’s Masterclass



Gue menemukan Masterclass ini saat lagi browsing soal berita remeh tentang kpop, yang tetiba ada link ke korean indie , dan bertemulah gue dengan CD ini . Sampai detik ini, jadi top playlist gue di ipod. Enak bgt . Semua lagu kayaknya gue banget .. hehew.

Ini gue link beberapa lagu yang ada di album Darley’s Masterclass :

Day by day

Hello Hello Hello Hello

Hooferz Club (feat tap dancer)


How is it?

For me it’s totally highly recommended . So buy the album and you can search in iTunes . And sit back , chill out and have Darley’s Masterclass .

I’m out.